Gel Haute Polish


Gel Haute Polish

I’ve made no secret of the fact that gel manicures have changed my life. I usually chip my nails within the same day of getting them done, with normal manis. With gel manis, they last for over 2 weeks! It is incredible. My nails look presentable for an entire 2 week stretch. It’s never happened before. Yesterday, I checked out Haute Polish, one of the few at-home gel manicure systems on the market. They are the ONLY one-step gel manicure system. I got my mani done by none other than Beyonce‘s manicurist herself, Lisa Logan. I picked blue for one hand and pink for the other. The process was so easy. Lisa did my polish in one step and let it dry. Then, she did another coat, and let that dry. And that was it!

She gave me an insider’s tip: Let each nail dry one at a time. The drying time takes 60 seconds each so it doesn’t extend the time by that much. It dries more evenly when you dry each nail by itself. 

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