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Getting Dolled Up!

Vera got out of bed to do some blogging work and did her hair and makeup for the first time in ages! Click here to read more.


Fashion Haul Video: C Wonder Jewelry

Have you checked out the chic and affordable jewelry at C Wonder? Click here to check out Vera’s latest loot.    


Statement Bracelets Under $100

Want arm candy that’s sure to make a statement? And not break your bank? Click here to read more.


Of Grey Hairs And Mascara

Freaked out by your greys? Don’t be! Thanks to highlights and hair dye, we can cover those suckers up! Click here to read more.


8 Must-Have Beauty Buys For Spring

Get ready to refresh your beauty routine for the Spring. Here are 8 amazing beauty products for you to add to your collection. Click here to read more.


Clearance Items From Old Navy!

Sale? I’m there! Old Navy sale? I was there yesterday. Click here to check out these great sale items from Old Navy.


Statement Rings

Want a quick way to give your wardrobe a little pop? Throw on a statement ring. The bigger and more unique, the better. Click here to read more.