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THE Perfect Emerald Dress

Emerald is the hottest color of 2013. We present to you this amazingly perfect dress for the upcoming spring days. Click here to read more.


Sales Galore!!

Brace yourself for some major sales! Click here to see discounts on Zales, the Gap, Ralph Lauren and others!


It’s Haircut Time! Kid Edition…

How ridiculously cute are the boys with their spiked haircuts and colored gel? Click here to read more about getting these styles.


Eye Candy-Dream Closet Edition

Who doesn’t dream of having a massive closet with tons of room for everything? If it comes fully stocked, that’s even better. Click here to check out some lust-worthy closets.  


Items Every Woman Should Have In Their Closet

There are some items that every woman should have in their closet because they allow you to build many outfits from them. Here’s a handy list of them for you to check your closet against. Click here to read more.



It’s Tuesday!! That means we’re all about beauty! Are you looking for a hair treatment that makes your locks manageable straight out of the shower? Check out Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner. Click here to read more.

sleek bun

How To: Sleek Buns

Sleek buns are a great hairstyle option when you’re going to be outdoors all day and don’t want to deal with flying locks. Click here to see a really easy how-to guide to getting the sleekest bun.