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5 Beauty Gifts From Target For The Holidays @target

Target has released their holiday offerings in the beauty department. We may have just added some Target beauty items to our shopping list. Click here to check out the top 5.


Tee Shirt Extenders

I thought I knew every type of garment out there. Enter the Tee Shirt Extender. As a mom, there’s tons of movement involved with your daily activities. From bending to leaning over, you need to make sure your clothes cover…


Are You A Hat Person?

I have big, fro-like curls. Most times, I apply liberal amounts of moisturizer and channel the Indian in me with a tight bun. When I’m sick of that look but aren’t ready for the fro to come back, I turn…


Swimsuits For The Pregnant

So you’re pregnant and you don’t feel like pulling a Tori Spelling or Kourtney Kardashian and wearing a bikini to the beach. You just want to be comfortable and look cute, at the same time. No worries. Check out these…