Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation presents Mandy Coon and Pamela Love

Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation presents Mandy Coon and Pamela Love

The Ecco Domani Style Squad headed to see Mandy Coon and Pamela Love yesterday…

Aly, Lindsey and me

Our day started with Mandy Coon under the tents at Lincoln Center. The atmosphere at Lincoln Center is incredible to be in… it’s electric and exciting and fashion-heaven. What I loved immediately about Mandy Coon’s show was that her inspiration came from her mother. As a mom fashion blogger, I loved hearing her say this is what she drew on as she created her Fall 2011 Collection. She said she had seen photos of her mother from 1979 and 1980 and loved the polished look… and that was what she wanted to create.

And that she did. Mandy showed a severe, yet sweet collection. There were heavy leather and fur, sprinkled with feminine cuts and even bows. It was a beautiful mixture of tough and fabulous-ness.

Mandy’s balance of sexy and sweet was amazing…

Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation’s spokesperson – Robert Verdi – asked the Style Squad what our favorite item was of Fashion Week so far… I instantly said – Mandy Coon’s outerwear… I felt this was the kind of coat I could dress up and feel ULTRA-FASHIONABLE in!

And then the Style Squad moved downtown to Pamela Love

There were 3 things about the Pamela Love show that I loved (besides her collection):

1. Anna Wintour showed up! Anna. Wintour. Showed. Up.

2. Ecco Domani was serving their delicious Pinot Grigio!

3. Hanging with my Style Squad girls!

And then there was the SHOW. And – oh, my goodness – Pamela Love’s accessories were absolutely stunning. The one thing I always tell moms… let accessories be your very best friend. You can wear just about anything that’s plain and basic and dress it up and/or change the style by adding accessories. Accessories are my favorite part of fashion… so when I saw Pamela Love’s collection, I was head over heels. Chunky. Sexy. Chic. Strong.

Pamela Love dazzled tonight. She lit up the room.

The Style Squad had an amazing day… !

Ecco Domani is the February sponsor of Getting Gorgeous.

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