Emails Went Out! Let’s Talk About Sessions

Emails Went Out! Let’s Talk About Sessions

We’re noticing some chatter on Twitter right now and wanted to clear a few things up. You aren’t getting kicked out of the room when your session ends. The sessions are really more like check-in times. We just don’t want 300 people showing up at noon trying to get into a little elevator and up to the ‘Getting Gorgeous with Degree’ space.

We promise there will be enough time to chat with the brands and catch up with old friends. The difference between session 1 and session 3 is just one hour. By then, everyone should have an easy check-in and hopefully the wait will be minimal.

So, don’t worry about whether or not you are going to run into your friends!! Everyone can stay until 4PM. It’s all about giving the influencers a chance to have productive conversation with both brands and bloggers alike.

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