Recapping Getting Gorgeous with Degree

We’ve been dreading to write this post because this means the event is really come and gone…

Getting Gorgeous with Degree was (for us) incredible. We assembled a wonderful group of sponsors, as well as a wonderful group of bloggers. To see the interactions and the networking and the connecting and the hugging and the pampering happening around the room, it truly was exactly what we wanted to accomplish at this event.

We love a good story… and we don’t feel you truly know a story until you hear it from the beginning and through to the end.

On Friday night (April 1st), yes… April Fool’s Day, we had everything set and ready to go for the next morning! 300 gift bags packed. Guest list printed. Signage all set. Cell phones charged. Laptop ready to go. All essentials for the day packed – pens, tape, water, highlights, bowl for business cards, you name it… we had it. We went to bed around 1AM that night ready and excited and a little nervous for Saturday to finally come! We had a courier service coming at 5AM to take all of our gift bags and boxes and furniture… so we knew getting a good night’s sleep was essential.

And we did… until Bill Sweeney (Vera’s husband) informed us at 5:30AM that the courier service never showed. They were supposed to show up at 5AM. As we were about to have a panic attack, Bill said he had found another courier that was coming around 6:30AM… that saved us, but still thru our morning off by an hour and a half. Oh, man…

We changed as quickly as we could out of our pajamas, hopped in the car and headed directly for the Metropolitan Pavilion… and try (as best as we could) not to freak out.

When we got to the Metropolitan Pavilion… it was as if the world just sort of took a deep breath in and out for us. Everything looked perfect. The tables where laid out. The room was spotless. Degree was there setting up. Our friend Cheryl ran out to get us coffee and donuts. Everything was calm…

All the sponsors showed up…
We got our hair/makeup done…
And the guests started to arrive…


Getting Gorgeous with Degree was beginning!

Degree had a beautiful display assembled directly across from where the guests entered. What we LOVED about Degree’s sponsorship was that they were showcasing their newest product – Degree’s motionSENSE. It begins working before you start to sweat by detecting the motion. Degree set up station areas showing the bloggers just what happens when motion begins and how the scent is activated even more with movement. It was unreal to see in action. Plus – Kristin McGee – celebrity fitness expert – was on hand to teach mom ways to keep themselves moving (even if their job requires them to be at a desk all day!). It was refreshing to speak with her and have a true expert give advice and tips on the importance and benefits of keeping yourself moving!

Tide to Go was a huge hit among the bloggers! Not only does every single mom need a Tide to Go pen (please tell us we’re not alone in needing one on us 24/7), it was really cool getting to see a pen in action! The funny thing was that someone had spilled a little coffee on the Tide to Go tablecloth, and women were using the pen to make the stain disappear! Talk about using the product in action! Tide to Go was also holding a Twitter Giveaway… everyone that tweeted that they were at Tide had the chance to win a $500 gift card to Bloomingdales! Congrats to Ellen Seidman for winning!

Goody Hair had a wonderful spread of product… we’ve been fans of Goody forever! We both have very thick hair, and they’re literally the ONLY hair accessory that will hold it all together. Not to mention, they also showcased some gorgeous items for the little ladies in your life! It was really cool hearing the bloggers say over and over again that they didn’t know that Goody carried so much amazing stuff!

Dream Water was cool to have at Getting Gorgeous with Degree because so many bloggers were interested in the products. Dream Water is a new and exciting lightly flavored, water-based beverage with natural relaxation effects. We all need our beauty rest, so it was wonderful to have a natural sleeping aid on hand as an option for the bloggers.

Lifetime Moms
were our BEAUTY SPONSOR this time around! We loved having them with us this year because they also brought along some fabulous Drop Dead Diva info, tees and a free Drop Dead Diva iTunes download. But what got the bloggers really excited was having 2 makeup artists on-hand doing quick makeovers on them. Whether you wanted your eyes, cheeks or lips done… everything looked FABULOUS! It was such an added delight to have them there. And everyone got to leave with some Smashbox makeup!

Simply Orange Juice was our beverage sponsor! We have to say, everyone LOVED their displays. They had “fake” orange trees next to their booths (they had 2 present). Mimosas and Orange Juice were passed around to the bloggers to keep everyone hydrated! It was wonderful this time around to have a drink sponsor, it was one of the thing’s last August we didn’t have and everyone requested. We couldn’t have asked for a better beverage sponsor!

BJ’s Wholesale
was our food sponsor… and they sure did deliver! They had items from Moe’s Southwest Grill (which will launch in the BJ’s stores soon!) for the guests to munch on. Guacamole, salsa and hummus was had by all and everyone LOVED it!

Hanes brought on a Hanes Comfort Lounge was gorgeous gigantic oversized beanbag chairs! We’re both on the Hanes Comfort Crew, so they are very near and dear to our heart. Hanes was showing off their new cushion-socks and a ComfortFlex Fit bandeau. If anyone was in need of a little SmartPhone power, Hanes was their answer! With Hanes there’s comfort, and that’s what they brought to Getting Gorgeous for us!

Shopafrolic… our dear friends Liz Lange and Jane Wagman are amazing! They are such wonderful supporters. They came with some fabulous Spring/Summer shoes! Liz was on hand to talk style and fashion advice with everyone! And they were giving away a full shoe wardrobe! (We wanted to win!)

Miraclesuit was with us again! We were very excited to have them back. At our last event they showed off the Miraclebody Jeans… this time around, Miraclesuit Swim and Shapewear. The clothing makes you look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds! What we loved about having them at Getting Gorgeous was that their clothing truly makes a woman feel beautiful and confident. That’s something that you just can’t put a price on… we are huge fans and love having them support Getting Gorgeous! Plus, we were addicted to the fabulous red Miraclesuit bathing suits!

Sandals Resorts came along to share the beauty, the need and the gorgeousness of Sandals Resorts. It’s something we all don’t do enough… take some time for a vacation – either something romantic, something for the family or something with your girlfriends! Sandals has resorts in so many destinations and the all-inclusive it OUTSTANDING!

FlipOut Sandals was getting everyone in the mood for the SUMMER!! The sandals were adorably chic! They are standard flip flops with a blinged out charm! You can be fashionably fabulous on your feet! We LOVED them! Not to mention, everyone left with a pair!!! How great is that? Women were ecstatic!

Weight Watchers Online had the chance to chat with all the bloggers. What we loved about having Weight Watchers was that so many women came up and said to us that they used WW to lose the baby weight. Its important to be healthy and stay healthy for our families… Weight Watchers is a fabulous option for women and men. It was very special for us to have them at Getting Gorgeous and the feedback was phenomenal!

Amy Tara Koch hosted a Maternity Lounge in the center of the room! She adorned it in her fabulous style and had her Bump It Up Style book, BELLI Skincare, Isabella Oliver, Tide Free & Gentle and Pish Posh Mommy. Amy chatted with the bloggers and gave fabulous and practical fashion advice to moms! The ladies loved her!

Hair Room Service was a HUGE HIT of the afternoon! Every blogger had the chance to come and get their hair beautified! The styles were gorgeous (no pun intended) and added such umph! to the day!

Thank you to everyone for making this day fabulous for US!

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