What to Wear with Yellow Shoes

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A few weeks ago I went to a Spring Fashion Preview with TJMaxx/Marshalls and found a pair of yellow flats that I fell in love with. The kind of love where I went on a rampage to find those exact shoes in every TJMaxx and Marshalls around me (I found them, but they didn’t have my size).

Yellow shoes are something I never would have gravitated to before in my life. When I was working at DKNY, I bought myself a pair of yellow heels at a sample sale one season. They sat in my closet untouched for years. They’re actually still there (thank goodness!). I guess my thought process was – what am I doing with YELLOW SHOES? Now my thought process is – let’s get some use out of these YELLOW SHOES!

So what can one wear with YELLOW SHOES? (That seems to be the million dollar question.)

I put down 7 different collections of clothing, all sporting YELLOW shoes. I wanted to some the different kinds of items you could pair and give some suggestions on colors to match with yellow shoes. I also chose different styles of yellow shoes to make it more doable… after all, not everyone’s going to love yellow heels or yellow flats! 🙂

My 7 suggestions… incorporating in skirts, dresses, capris, shorts and some floral trends!

What’s your favorite?

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