Brooke Burke Teams Up with Suave to Encourage Women to Splurge!

Brooke Burke Teams Up with Suave to Encourage Women to Splurge!

Suave Body Care is launching NEW Naturals Creamy Body Washes and Body Lotions that allow women to splurge on their skin every day. For many women, “splurging” on themselves is a rare occasion often associated with guilt. In fact, a new survey found that the majority of women associate splurging with being overindulgent and 83% think that splurging is too expensive.

The talented and gorgeous Brooke Burke (also a mom of 4!) has teamed up with Suave Body Care to encourage women to rethink what it means to splurge and share tips on how busy women can splurge smartly on themselves every day, without the guilt!

I had the opportunity to chat with Brooke Burke today about her involvement with Suave and share her best tips for splurging on one’s self, balancing work/motherhood and being a natural beauty.

Brooke was wonderful to chat with. I have to be honest, I was a little nervous hopping on the phone with her because I was with the kids in the car (husband driving) and wasn’t sure how the boys would be while I was on the phone. Instead of surprising her with boy-noise in the background, I let her know at the beginning of our call. She laughed and said, “You’re braver than I am!” I LOVED that about her, she didn’t care at all and was super cool about it (the boys were awesome while we spoke, thank goodness!). I just thoroughly enjoyed her positive attitude, her great advice for moms and her real-ness about motherhood and beauty.

So was a delight… here’s what we chatted about…

Why was it important for you to team up with Suave Body Care to encourage women to rethink what it means to splurge?

I wanted to team up with Suave Body Care and encourage women to rethink what it means to splurge because it’s very important for women to take care of themselves. “Me” time can be very important for a woman. We all get busy in our lives with work and our family, but it’s always good to find something to do for yourself.

Were you surprised that in a recent survey a majority of women associated splurging with being overindulgent and that 83% think that splurging is too expensive?

I was surprised. I think women feel that by splurging on themselves, they’ll have to spend a lot of money, and that’s not the case at all. As mothers, we tend to forget about ourselves and focus on everyone else.

As a mom of 4, how do you splurge on yourself?

I have to make the time to do it. I actually schedule in time, just like I schedule things for my kids. There are spaces in my home that I love to be in, and just relax with my family. I love scented body washes and music. Splurging on yourself can be simple things that don’t have to cost a lot of money.

As a working mom, do you have a great tip for the balancing act of work and motherhood?

I communicate with my kids about what ‘m doing and why I’m doing it. They know why I work and they know what I do and I take them with me to work whenever I can. I’m super busy at time with my work, but I’m also super involved with my family. One thing I do, I give them play by plays when I’m away. I’ll send photos of things I’m doing throughout my day. They enjoy that!

What’s your favorite beauty tip for moms?

I’m all about less is more. I love a natural look and healthy skin. My best beauty tips for moms – drink lots of water, sleep well and be happy. This is natural beauty to me.

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