Does SIZE Matter?

Mom Fashion Alert: Does Size REALLY Matter?

The good news is, not always.

I received an email 2 weeks ago that got me thinking… I was asked not to share her name, but she told me I could share her email:

Audrey –

I love all the summer fashions that are out there, but they all seem like they are for women who are a size 2. I am not a size 2, more like a size 12! I was wondering if you could ever do post about some summer fashion items or trends where size doesn’t matter.

Thank you.

I loved this email because it got me thinking about the summer trends and what could work for every woman – regardless of shape, size or height.

Here are 10 Summer Trends that would work for EVERY WOMAN (and places to buy them!):

1. Maxi Dress – The beauty of a Maxi is that they work on any body type, size doesn’t matter. It’s the perfect go-to dress for the summer months.

2. Batwing Top – I love Batwing tops because they are so chic and trendy and can be worn with a variety of different bottoms – jeans, skirts, capris, etc.

3. Straw Fedora – I love a perfect summer hat! The Straw Fedora is the “it” hat to have throughout the summer months!

4. Flower Pins – Florals are such a hot trend right now! Bring in some beautiful flowers with some gorgeous pins and clips! They are the fabulous accessory!

5. Tunics – I love tunics because you can adjust them with belts and sashes to make them as loose and/or tight as you want to go. They also go beyond your hip, which is a very flattering look with capris and leggings for the summer.

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