Beauty Travel Tip

Traveling can be fun but it can also be quite a hassle if you’re not prepared, especially if there are kids involved. Looking good needs to be easy. Gone of the days of me ducking into airplane bathrooms to do makeup touch-ups five minutes before the plane lands. One thing I’ve learnt the hard way is the importance of carrying a hair tie. It’s so easy to grab one and put it on your wrist before rushing out the door. Even if you walk out of the shower and into the car without touching your hair, leaving a hair tie on your wrist means that when you or your little one becomes frazzled or hot on the journey, it’s super easy to wrap hair up and out of the face. If you have the time and are traveling with an adult companion AND the kids are settled, sneak off the the bathroom. Wet your hand, run it through your hair and pull strands into a high ponytail. This look is easy and looks chic. For an updated look, try a hair tie in a bright, bold color. It’ll add a bit of spring to your look.

Do you have any beauty travel tips?


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