Summer Trends Series: Fluorescent Colors

Summer Trends Series: Fluorescent Colors

This week, I’m posting about my favorite trends for the summer to give you a hand with shopping. Today, direct your attention to Fluorescent Colors!

Before you run away shrieking, check out how it can be done here, in this runway look from Rachel Roy.

The key is to keep it chic. How, you ask? Stay away from colors that are too sharp. These look brash and can make your tan look baked. Go for colors that you know look good with your skin tone, in normal shades.

This simple dress is great for any summer day. You can wear it to the office with a black jacket over it. For evenings and night, it’s ideal with flats or heels. The green isn’t too glaring, as well.

I love maxi dresses! They’re easy to wear and everyone looks good in them, no matter your size or body shape. Getting it in a bright color makes it look so current. This dress is simple but it hits the mark.

The key to wearing bright colors is to keep it chic. Try to streamline the look. Definitely don’t go for more than 2 or three colors at the same time, unless you’re a pro. Done well, it can give your skin a healthy glow and just make you look happier.

Next up on the Summer Trends Series…….Billowy Tanks.


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