Hairy Armpits

Yes, we’re going there. I was reading The Frisky and came upon an article about a school librarian who, whilst cheering someone on, exposed her less -than-shaved armpits. This prompted a massive outrage, which then, because this is America, prompted an anti-outrage of people declaring their love for armpit hair. I’m so confused about why a little bit of hair is getting so much attention. I’ll be the first one to admit that, if not for deodorant purposes and the safety of the noses of those closest to me, I’d go hairy. My body doesn’t agree with my view but, if you can rock the hair without smelling un-showered, then all power to you. I’ve always been jealous of boyfriends who never gave a second thought to having to remove all hair from their bodies. I feel fresher when I shave my pits but that’s my body chemistry.

Any woman that can rock hairy armpits in public has my vote. Yes, Julia, I’m winking at you.

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