Tee Shirt Extenders

I thought I knew every type of garment out there. Enter the Tee Shirt Extender. As a mom, there’s tons of movement involved with your daily activities. From bending to leaning over, you need to make sure your clothes cover where they need to cover. Here is the answer to your prayers, in the form of the Tee Shirt Extender. It’s a piece of fabric that forms a fitted ring around your midsection. You put it on under your tee shirt but over your skirt or jeans. You pull your shirt over it, leaving a few inches of it exposed and voila! You look like you’re wearing another shirt! No more exposed butts or love handles. These Tee Shirt Extenders give you added coverage so that your shirt doesn’t slide up when you least want it to. I found this little wonder at Target.

They think of everything, don’t they?

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