Fun Umbrellas!

It’s raining cats and dogs in NYC today. My go-to umbrella is a basic transparent one but I was inspired to search around for some fun ones to help you look forward to rainy days. Check these out!

What’s that? You need an extra hand to hold your coffee? No worries! Your umbrella has your back, uh, hand. Designed by Jung-Woo Lee, this little piece of genius takes the spillage out of rushing through the rain.

Need to entertain that squirming toddler on the day you forgot the stroller and he absolutely cannot walk with his own two legs? Here’s your run-of-the-mill electric umbrella to keep his eyes upward. It has an adjustable dimmer so you can control just how bright you want it to be, thus controlling just how many eyes you want directed your way.

We get it. You’re in love and you want the world to know. Save on wasted lip movement and show your love without saying a word, with this heart-shaped umbrella. It’s adorable, we admit.

Hope these give your rainy days a little extra love!

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