Learn More About Twitter Parties


Are you looking for someone to host a Twitter Party for your brand? Connect with thousands of online social media users for one hour and allow us to distribute key messaging in a non-corporate way. Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney collectively have 38,000+ followers on Twitter. Getting Gorgeous LLC can generate millions of impressions during a Twitter party and we would love to work with your company on an upcoming campaign.

It’s fun!

It’s viral!

It’s an hour long party that can get very, very noisy.

Past Twitter Party Clients Include (but are not limited to):

  • Degree
  • Simply Orange
  • VCA Pet Hospital
  • Amy Tara Koch
  • Miracle Body Jeans
  • Goody Hair
  • Natural Instincts
  • So Family Online
  • Disney Baby
  • American Eagle – 77 Kids

Please email veryvera@ gmail.com to request a deck.

Still not convinced? No problem.

What is a Twitter Party?

If your company isn’t taking part in social media marketing, you are really doing a disservice to your brand. Outlets like Twitter are amazing tools that will give you access to your market in REAL TIME. See what people are thinking about your brand. Ask questions to thousands of people at once. Distribute key messaging. Gain new followers on Twitter or Facebook. Track participants through the party’s hashtag and contact them later with additional information.

Wait? A Hash What?

A hashtag! Twitter allows us to track specific conversations by using the # sign. For example, if I wrote a tweet and ended it with #nyc – the link becomes clickable. If I click on #nyc, I can then see all the other users who have used that hashtag on one of their tweets. This is required to take part in one of our parties. All participants must include a hashtag in their tweets. We can then track our reach at the end of the party.

But my Company doesn’t have a Twitter Account?

WHAT?! I… I don’t understand.  GET ONE! Right now. No, really. Stop reading and go and get one.

We’ve done parties before for clients who don’t have Twitter accounts and instead want to push traffic over to their Facebook Fan Page. Whatever works for you – works for us.

Why do people go to Twitter Parties?

Twitter parties are FILLED with messaging about the brand and can be extremely informative. However, giveaways help too. We suggest a minimum of 5 giveaways throughout the night. It could be product or it could be gift cards. We can talk this through.

Well, what exactly are you going to talk about?

Don’t worry! You tell us the overall theme and we will run with it. There’s always an outline to keep us on point with your brand’s requirements. We prefer to handle the wording of our script though because it’s important to keep things light and fun. Not saying you aren’t fun… you know what I mean.

I’m in! I want you to host a Twitter Party for my Brand!!

Yeah! For more information, please email veryvera@ gmail.com

Here are the rules you need to know: